A New and Better Way to Hire on The Hub

Written by Thomas Sveum

on March 20, 2023

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Ever since The Hub was launched in 2015 the platform has been a free service for startups, regardless of stage, size or industry. The amount of value you’ll get to enjoy as a free user of The Hub is truly incredible and unmatched on a global level. All published jobs are exposed to The Hub’s 120k+ Monthly Active Users, instantly shared with 50k+ relevant candidates through email job alerts and distributed to 150+ local and global partner job boards. To add on top of that, you can leverage the platform’s powerful internal Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to manage your recruitment process from A-Z with or even integrate a variety of widely used external ATSs such as Teamtailor, Lever, Workable and Greenhouse – all this without paying a single penny. As you might have suspected by now, everyone working at The Hub are deeply passionate about facilitating opportunities for startup teams and talent. Every time someone gets hired on The Hub, we celebrate. We are truly proud that countless startups from all walks of life have hired top talent within a variety of markets and roles for free on The Hub. However, hiring can be ruthless, and ultimately 23% of all startups end up failing because of an inadequate team. As the Nordic’s leading startup job board, it is our goal and responsibility to always do what we can to combat this statistic.

The evolved ecosystem

The Nordic startup scene has developed and professionalized a lot since The Hub first emerged seven years ago. In the early days, startups were far from the mainstream and the playing field was more even with most companies still struggling through the early stages. Today, startups occupy everything from billboards to university curriculum and startups as business units come in all shapes and sizes. On one end of the spectrum, countless companies are just getting started desperately seeking that scarce complementary Co-Founder or a batch of eager interns to kickstart its trajectory. On the other end, an increasing amount of scale-ups with 10s or even 100s of employees have expanded internationally and are trying to attract startup-ready talent globally across all departments. Some startups have developed a strong employer brand and offer compensation that even corporates can’t match, while others are completely unknown to the world and offer pure equity and no salary. I guess you can see where I’m going with this – the drastically different stages presented in today’s startup scene call for vastly different services. One hat certainly doesn’t fit all.

Enabling the next wave of Nordic startups

Succeeding with recruitment can truly transform the trajectory of a business for the better, a statement absolutely all successful founders can confidently testament to. At The Hub, we intend to allow free job posting for many years to come to ensure that early stage companies can get off the ground. At the same time, we have also identified a desire for more sophisticated services in the startup recruitment scene, where founders and hiring managers can increase the likelihood of hiring top talent, time and time again. Over the last 15 months, we’ve carefully tested and perfected two new products that are nothing short of incredible. Our new product offering is designed with all startups in mind and are suitable for all startup companies from pre-seed to post-IPO.

Pro – more than a job posting

The Pro job posting is startup-friendly priced but delivers astonishing value, beyond our initial expectations. Pro job postings get more time in the spotlight across all The Hub’s channels (search results, emails, news & insights, partner job boards) while also being actively promoted across LinkedIn and Instagram using The Hub’s exclusive talent data. With extensive experience from job advertising, our marketing team crafts custom ads with unique copy, visuals and audiences for both LinkedIn and Instagram, with the latter focusing more on building your employer brand. Early sample testing across a variety of roles, markets and countries indicates that Pro job posts drive 8x more views and 3x more qualified applicants when compared to Basic job posts which is what we’ve named the free job posting. We are incredibly stoked to have found an affordable way for startups to attract active and passive startup-ready talent and we can’t wait for you to give it a spin and to hear your feedback. Please check out our Pro product page to get a full overview, including examples and detailed feature descriptions.

Headhunter – the 1st job posting to guarantee a hire

Have you ever heard about a job posting that comes with a guaranteed hire? Neither have we, so we created one. With exclusive access to 350k+ startup-ready talent, The Hub holds a truly unique opportunity to fill startup jobs like no one else. We’ve organized a new branch in our Customer Success department called the Recruitment Success Team and built a “headhunter light” process that is unprecedented in the recruitment ecosystem. With the Headhunter job posting, you’ll get the same widespread promotion as the Pro job posting, but you’ll also get a dedicated Recruitment Success Manager that will provide end-to-end assistance throughout your recruitment process. We’ll identify relevant talent in our database and pitch your job to them, filter applicants, provide data-driven suggestions to your job description, write employer branding content about your company and more. Explore our Headhunter product page if you’re interested in learning more about how we are helping some of the hottest Nordic startups to up their hiring game. We’re truly excited about this one and the best part is that we’re continuously improving the process, tech and marketing to deliver better and better results to our clients.

The first of many steps

We’ve only been at the wheel for a few weeks as The Hub’s new owner. Over the coming months and years, you can expect new additions to our product, all designed with a simple goal in mind – to enable new journeys for startup teams and talent across the entire Nordic region. We look forward to iterating and improving our new product offering alongside the incredible Nordic startup ecosystem. Happy talent hunting!

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