How to connect Greenhouse with the Hub

Written by Ludmila Zimermanova

on October 17, 2022

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The Greenhouse integration Is Here

Do you have a Greenhouse account and you want to get more out of it? Do you want to spread your job ad above and beyond? How does reaching as many people as possible in the least amount of time sound? Well, as always, we are here to help and this integration is so simple that you are going to regret that you haven’t done it earlier. 

Why should you connect Greenhouse with the Hub in the first place?

Greenhouse is a fantastic platform, but you still need to get the candidates to apply. Not to mention, it cannot be just any candidate, but the right candidate, or you could also call it THE ONE. This is where the Hub can be your hero.

When you connect your Greenhouse account with the Hub, you have the opportunity to get your job post not only on our platform but also to all of the partners that the Hub has in the different countries. AND there is no additional cost. You see, because of the commitment we have at the Hub to help the startup community, we partner with the major Nordic job boards.

Showcase your startup to attract the right talent

How does the integration work?

The integration in itself is pretty simple and we will explain exactly how to set it up below. Once completed, every day our system will automatically scan and add all your job posts to the Hub and, by extension, to all of our partner networks. This way you get more eyes on your job with no effort on your part.

AND all applications will appear directly in your Greenhouse account, where you usually get them. So, you will be able to manage them as normally without any change and have them at one place. As you can see, just by setting the connection, there is nothing more for you to do than review the applications as they come from all our networks!

How to set up the connection?

You can set up the connection within a few minutes. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to your Greenhouse account and press “Configure ⚙️” in the top right corner.
  2. Scroll a little bit down and click on “Dev Center” on the left side and click on “API Credentials”
  3. Here press “Create New API Key”.
  4. Now set API Type to “Harvest”, leave Partner blank and choose a description you like.
  5. Click “Manage Permission”
  6. Make sure all boxes under job posts are checked and remember to click “SAVE”.

  7. Now copy the API key you have created.
  8. Go to your Hub account (if you don’t have it yet, set it up here).
  9. In the dashboard, select settings and under “Greenhouse connection” click “Connect GH”.
  10. Insert your API key.
  11. Now go back into your Greenhouse account.
  12. Instead of API credentials click on “Configure Job Board”.
  13. Copy your “job board token”.
  14. Switch back to the Hub and paste the token under your API key you just inserted.
  15. YOU are now CONNECTED 🎉

The connection will be taking jobs you have made with your Greenhouse account and sending them to our platform. HOWEVER, all the applicants will be sent to your Greenhouse account so you can manage them in one place. 

If you are more of a visual type, we have made a short guide summarizing all the steps above. Let’s see how it’s done . . .

We hope you’ll use this new integration that we built to help your recruiting get as far as you can possibly go! And if you find any problem, let us know we are here to help! You know where to find us: [email protected]

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