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The Perfect First Job: Startups Offer More Than You Think

Freshly graduated? Why not join a startup? TheHub is here to explain how and why startups are the perfect place for the perfect first job!

The Most Popular Swedish Startups in 2022

Sweden and its startup ecosystem create more unicorns per capita than Silicon Valley! Swedish startups on The Hub are no different.

A New and Better Way to Hire on The Hub
A New and Better Way to Hire on The Hub

The Hub has launched a brand new suite of sophisticated recruitment products to help you hire top talent, from pre-seed to post-IPO.

10 Tips For Writing A Job Post That Applicants Can’t Resist

Get insights on the best ways to post your job and attract more applicants. Hiring made easy.

The Most Popular Finnish Startups in 2022

Finland is holding 3,821 startups as of January 2023! More than half of them are actively hiring on The Hub. Discover our Finnish Startups.

When You Get Ghosted As An Applicant: What To Do Next

Waiting for a reply from a job you applied for? You could have been ghosted! What to do next? Let The Hub help you!