The 10 Best Coworking Spaces in Oslo

Written by Milan Demeter

on May 25, 2023

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New to the Norwegian capital? Or just started looking at premises to launch your startup? Coworking spaces can be ideal for you. Cost-effective and flexible, coworking spaces are increasing in popularity all around the world, particularly in the Nordics, so let’s see what Oslo has to offer. As the entrepreneurial spirit continues to flourish in Oslo, the demand for exceptional co-working spaces has skyrocketed. 

These workspaces not only offer a beneficial environment for startups and scaleups but also provide unique perks that cater to the specific needs of ambitious entrepreneurs. In this article, we present 10 remarkable co-working spaces in Oslo, each with our favourite perk. Whether you’re seeking networking opportunities, access to specialized facilities, or a strong community of like-minded professionals, these spaces have got you covered. Prepare to be amazed by the dynamic duo of 9 and 10, a powerhouse of incubators and accelerators that eagerly welcomes and nurtures early-stage startups! 

1.Mesh Community

Mesh Community_TheHub

Mesh Norway stands out with its versatile event spaces that regularly host workshops, seminars, and networking events. This co-working space fosters knowledge sharing and community engagement, providing startups and scaleups with invaluable opportunities to expand their knowledge, build connections, and showcase their expertise. The dynamic events at Mesh Norway enhance visibility and facilitate meaningful interactions within the entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

  • Location: Mesh Nationaltheatret Tordenskioldsgate 2, 0160 Oslo & Mesh Youngstorget Møllergata 6 and 8, 0179 Oslo
  • Pricing: Discover Memberships
  • Our favourite perks: Dynamic Event Spaces & The app with an electronic key to access the building is a nice touch and events are a great way to network with your peers.



Epicenter Oslo is a cutting-edge co-working space that stands as a beacon for innovation and collaboration in the heart of Oslo, Norway. With its prime location, state-of-the-art facilities, and dynamic community, Epicenter Oslo is the go-to destination for startups, scaleups, and forward-thinking professionals seeking a stimulating and productive work environment. 

  • Location: Edvard Storms gate 2, 0166 Oslo
  • Pricing: Discover Memberships
  • Our favourite perks: Innovation programs, State-of-the-Art Facilities and side-by-side coaching to help you with growth.

3.657 Oslo

657 Oslo_TheHub

Spread across two historic buildings of 3500 sqm2, 657 Oslo is one of the Norway’s largest coworking space for creative industries. It is currently the home of more than 220 people and  50+ companies. They focus on creative entrepreneurship and they have flexible membership prices, including drop-in options and one-day passes. You can also set up your own office at 657 Oslo if you want. Perks include the usual fast internet, coffee and tea, a private phone booth, printers, and 24/7 access. There is a wide array of meeting rooms and event spaces so you can host workshops, parties, and interviews at your leisure.

  • Location: Fredensborgveien 22G, 0177 Oslo
  • Pricing: Discover Memberships
  • Our favourite perks: You can have access to programs like Expertise where you share knowledge with other actors in the Norwegian startup ecosystem



Welcome to Rebel, a transformative co-working space in Oslo that is revolutionizing the way professionals work and collaborate. At Rebel, they believe that work should be more than just a place you go to. It should be an experience that sparks creativity, ignites innovation, and fosters meaningful connections. With its refreshing approach to co-working, Rebel has quickly become a hub for startups, freelancers, and ambitious professionals who seek a supportive and dynamic work environment.

  • Location: Universitetsgata 2, 0164 Oslo
  • Pricing: Discover Memberships
  • Our favourite perks: The curated community, creative and flexible workspaces, and inspiring events with a focus on well-being!



Step into the world of Spaces Oslo, where creativity thrives, collaboration ignites, and innovation takes centre stage. Settled in the beating heart of Oslo, this co-working space transcends the ordinary, offering a captivating work environment that sparks inspiration and fuels success. With its sleek and contemporary design, an array of luxurious amenities, and a community buzzing with energy, Spaces Oslo promises an extraordinary experience for startups, freelancers, and professionals across diverse industries. 

  • Location: Kristian Augusts Gate 13, 0164 Oslo and 5 more
  • Pricing: Discover Memberships
  • Our favourite perks: Tullinløkka is the first building in Norway to complete over 80% reusable material – Spaces are focusing on a green concepts.

6.Startup Campus

Startup Campus_TheHub

Get ready to embark on an extraordinary journey at Startup Campus, the pulsating heart of entrepreneurial spirit in Oslo! Step into a world where the boundaries of co-working spaces are shattered, giving rise to an exhilarating hub that pulses with vibrant energy. Brace yourself for an experience that transcends the ordinary, as Startup Campus unveils a 2,500 sqm open-door community where collaboration, innovation, and electrifying connections come alive.

  • Location: Christian Kroghs Gate 1, 0186 Oslo
  • Pricing: Discover Memberships
  • Our favourite perks: People who rent an office get to host one free event per year in the event space. Everyone gets a discounted price on general events.

7.Oslo International Hub

Oslo International Hub_TheHub

With two locations at Oscars Gate, an accelerator and connections to government funding programs, Oslo International House also aim to be more than just a coworking space. They want to be a hub for cross-border business in Oslo and help facilitate bilateral setups of Chambers of Commerce.

But they also have shared offices! And an interesting and unique offer from Oslo International House is the ability to set up a virtual office with their postal address and occasional access to meeting rooms. It’s a great way to give your budding company legitimacy, especially for face-to-face meetings with potential investors.

  • Location: Oscars gate 27, 0352 Oslo
  • Pricing: Discover Memberships and office rentals here
  • Our favourite perks: Oslo International House will promote paying members on the website and other marketing communications.



As the name suggests, Share is all about the cross-pollination of ideas for Norwegian startups. The emphasis is on creating a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and creatives, with a focus on tech startups. Share is founded on the idea that sharing knowledge and experience is key to making more people succeed.

  • Location: Myntgata 2, 0151 Oslo
  • Pricing: Discover memberships
  • Our favourite perks: One of the main perks of being a member is the ability to book the Amfi space: a stunning renovated stable right in the city centre.

9.Startuplab – Accelerator & Incubator

Startup Lab_TheHub

Discover StartupLab, Oslo’s leading coworking space and incubator for tech-driven startups. Located in the heart of Oslo, StartupLab offers a collaborative environment and a range of resources for early-stage entrepreneurs. With flexible workspaces, mentorship programs, and a vibrant community, it’s the ideal place to grow your startup in Oslo. 

  • Location: GaustadallĂ©en 21, 0349 Oslo
  • Pricing: Membership prices start as low as 2290 NOK/month, contact Startuplab about pricing
  • Our favourite perks: The opportunity to get 3 MNOK in funding and a tailored 3-month program providing network and support

10.TheFactory Accelerator & Incubator

It was started back in 2016 by Norwegian serial entrepreneurs. The place has since then accelerated over 200 startups and invested in more than 45+ fast-growing companies. Still not convinced? TheFactory has even been awarded the best accelerator program in the Nordics by the Global Startup Awards. Their motto is Founders First, and even though they are a factory, they like to say that they act more like a family. TheFactor has also been Awarded the Best Startup Accelerator & Incubator 2019

  • Location: Nedre Slottsgate 8, 0157 Oslo
  • Pricing: Discover Memberships
  • Our favourite perks: Funds to secure scaling & a community of like-minded partners, investors, subcontractors and future team members.

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Other Oslo Coworking Spaces – Honourable Mentions

We’ve only selected 10 co-working spaces to look at different specific niches, but of course, the Norwegian capital has tons more to offer. Smaller, but equally good spaces include Kroloftet, Fellesverkstedet for industrial building,Technopolis, or XLR8HUB at the affordable end of the spectrum.

You can also look at International giants and their coworking spaces in Oslo like WeWork and Evolve. Don’t forget to check out local university websites, as they sometimes have coworking offers.

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