FundingPartner leading the Nordic market

Written by Ludmila Zimermanova

on May 17, 2023

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Crowdlending is a new way of investing that has gained popularity in recent years. Did you know that this investment method involves a group of investors lending money to individuals or businesses through online platforms? And Funding Partner, one of the crowdlending platforms, is proudly taking a leading position within the Nordic market.

Starting Point of Funding Partner

FundingPartner offers private investors willing to finance tech and real estate projects. Where did it all start? They saw an opportunity on the market. Promising companies did not have possibilities for the financing they needed to grow. At the same time, they also noted that private investors received unjustifiably low returns on their savings. From there, the idea was born and that became the starting point for FundingPartner. To let companies and investors help each other.

Since its inception, they have provided approximately 500 companies with flexible debt financing solutions. All of this by sourcing 1.7 billion kroner capital from their 17 000+ Nordic investors. FundingParter primarily offers tailored financing solutions that can help your company grow and realize its projects. In addition, FundingPartner is sponsored by Schibsted and DNB, one of Norway’s largest financial services groups.

As a loan broker, FundingPartner has no role in the loan itself, but its function is to ensure that the terms of the business loan can be entered into safely. FundingPartner is also responsible for the administration of payments. They forward the borrowed funds to the applicant company as soon as the business loan is fully subscribed. The company’s repayments are then going through FundingPartner, which distributes the money to the lenders based on their respective shares in the loan. Any deposit is taken by a security agent. Although crowdlending is a relatively new industry, one of the key features is the ability to diversify investments across multiple loans, reducing the risk of loss.

FundingPartner´s Working Culture & Team

Joining FundingPartner means working in a dynamic, fast-paced environment constantly solving problems and striving to improve. You’ll have the chance to collaborate with talented colleagues who have experience from top investment banks and consulting firms such as McKinsey, Swedbank, Danske Bank and Goldman SachsFundingPartner is a young and vibrant organization, where everyone’s ideas are valued equally, regardless of who presents them. This is because they have a flat hierarchy that encourages open communication and collaboration. With their main offices situated in Stockholm and Oslo, they are always eager to connect with new people and join forces on exciting projects!

Although FundingPartner is placed centrally at your convenience, they embrace the work-life balance. You can work from your couch, your favourite cafe or abroad when you feel like it.


”We exist to create opportunities that benefit more people.”

By joining FundingPartner you can be part of a close-knit team with regular after works and overseas travel. Moreover, with DNB and Schibsted as part-owners, they get ‘the best of both worlds’. Stability and support from large and skilled owners and independency with autonomy when choosing which solutions work best. Do not hesitate to take a look at Funding Partner´s profile at The Hub and the positions they now have available! Also, if you doubt where to start here are 7 tips on what you can do before applying for your dream job.

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