The step-by-step practical guide to getting SU

Written by Ludmila Zimermanova

on August 25, 2022

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The author

Ludmila Zimermanova

Hi! My name is Ludmila. I am a young marketer with a passion for entrepreneurship and arts. While finishing my degree in Communication Media and Design in Copenhagen, writing lets me help people on their journey to scale their businesses or start their careers. My responsibilities are also to drive TikTok and provide visuals for our SoMe together with the execution of different campaigns.

The ultimate step-by-step guide to getting SU

Applying for SU can be either very easy or very difficult. For most people, it was easy because someone had given them a hand or they had a proper guide. We have made this guide for that purpose to help you get there as effortlessly as we can.   

So, if you want to apply for an SU, you need to prepare all the documents you need, and make sure that you fulfil all the criteria before you apply. Otherwise, your application will be rejected and you have to repeat the process all over again. Not fun and time-consuming, so read attentively. 

What is SU?

SU, Statens Uddannelsesstøtte, is a state educational grant for full-time students in Denmark. In 2022, the amount you get in SU is 6.321 DKK, roughly €850. Read more about SU here

Does it cost to apply for SU?

No, it does not cost anything to apply and you receive your response within a few weeks. If you apply for SU with everybody else at the beginning of the semester, you might have to wait longer, compared to applying later on, when most cases are settled. 

SU What do you need

What do you need to have, before you apply?

  • Work contract 
  • Application for SU 
  • CPR registration
  • NemID (either paper card or the app)

Keep in mind:

In 2021-2022 NemID became MitID.

Not to forget

The last possible day for applying to SU is the last day of the month. 

So if you would like to receive SU for November, the last possible day for applying would be the 30th of November. The last day for applying to SU in a year is the 5th of December and you won’t get your money sooner than in January. 

Also, remember to be prepared. Once you log in to “minSU”, you must upload the rest of the documentation within 3 weeks. If you don’t, then the day you deliver the documents counts as the day of your application and you won’t be able to receive SU in retrospect. So be ready with all of them at once. 

SU application step 1

Step 1 – Apply on su.dk

The process is very simple, go to su.dk and log in with your NemID/MitID. You need to have your NemID/MitID setup beforehand so make sure that this is ready. 

Once you logged in, follow these steps:

  1. Firstly, you might consider installing the “google translate” app in your browser to read everything in English if you are not fluent in Danish as the application is in Danish
  2. Click “søge om SU” which leads you to the application process
  3. Afterwards, you will see many different options, but just follow with “Søg SU”
  4. Fill out the application

After you apply, you will be requested to download and print the “equal status application”. 

You bring this, together with a work contract and application to your SU office in your school, but we’ll get to that.


SU application step 2

Step 2 – The Equal Status application

This is the document that you get prompted to download and fill out, after submitting your SU application. It is available both in English and Danish.

You have two main options around how to be considered “equal”; that is under the Danish rules and under the EU rules.

Danish rules include:

  • being married to a Dane 
  • coming to Denmark with your parents
  •  working continuously at least 30 hours a week for 24 months 
  • or being a member of the Danish minority in Southern Slesvig

Under the EU rules, you can receive SU:

  • when you have resided in Denmark continuously for 5 years 
  • when you have a status of a worker or have retained your status of a worker, in Denmark. 

But this only applies to students coming from EU/EEA countries.

If you find this confusing, do not worry. All the questions are included in the “Equal Status” document, so answer everything truthfully, and you should be OK.

SU application step 3

Step 3 – Get Your Work Contract

So what exactly are the rules that will make you a ‘worker in Denmark’? 

The law states, that you should be having a stable job, where you work 10-12 hours every week. It is necessary to have a work contract that would state the exact number of hours.

Once you are approved for SU, all you need to do is to make sure you have all the working hours you need. 

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It is important to mention that before applying you need to have worked in your job for at least 3 continuous months, this is why it is so important to procure a job as soon as possible. A good piece of advice is to find a job in advance so you can get your SU as soon as you start your education without worrying about your money. Find your job here. 

SU application step 4

Step 4 – Submit your work contract and fill out the form

Once you got to this step, you simply upload all relevant documents online. 

After submitting your application, you will be prompted to fill out an online form. Here, you should also upload your work contract.

SU application step 1

Step 5 – Be patient and wait

Now you can only wait and pray to the SU gods that your application will be accepted.

If you’ve followed this guide carefully, you have a very good chance of getting your SU from the month you applied, without any additional complications.

We hope that these steps will help you and you can get the ball rolling without worrying if you have missed something in your application. Let us know how your process went and we wish you the best!

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