The Most Popular Norwegian Startups in 2022

Written by Milan Demeter

on March 6, 2023

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In recent years, Norway has become a hotspot for startups. Oslo, in particular, is home to a rapidly growing startup ecosystem with numerous success stories. While 2022 certainly has been a challenging year for startups and tech companies alike across the Nordics, some of the world’s greatest companies in today’s business landscape were built during downtime. Widespread layoffs have allowed startups to attract talent with their job openings more easily than in previous years and we’ve identified the Top 10 Most Popular Norwegian startups based on data from TheHub.



Evyon maximizes the value of second-life EV batteries by repurposing them into high-quality energy storage systems in a streamlined, safe, and cost-effective way. They develop novel technologies for reassembly and operations to convert usable second-life EV batteries into modular plug-and-play battery storage systems. Their ambition is to make battery storage truly accessible for a wide range of applications, including reducing peak energy demand (peak shaving) and increasing self-consumption of energy from solar panels. They are providing critical services to grid operators, and increasing available power in an environmentally friendly way to underserved locations and applications.

Explore current job openings at Evyon



SurplusMap is building a geospatial intelligence platform that empowers decision-makers in green transition industries to make better and faster decisions to develop new green industries. Surplus combines the power of cloud computing, earth observation technology, big data analytics, ML & AI, with UX design to create the ultimate no-code collaborative geospatial analytics. Surplus wants to remove data gatekeepers and other bottlenecks, making it easy for everybody involved in the Green Transition to understand relevant data and use it to expedite data-driven decision-making to foster green economic development and achieve the goal of reducing GHG emissions by 45% by 2030.

Explore current job openings at SurplusMap



PatientSky is a revolutionary and innovative cloud data platform, that enables health professionals and partners to provide new, better, faster and cheaper patient care. This Norwegian startup aims to facilitate better integration and collaboration across cloud solution vendors, with room for everyone to innovate together. They gather the best solutions, from the best vendors, and deliver them to you as a unified product. They believe that customers’ needs in healthcare and adjoint markets are becoming increasingly diverse for any software provider to meet them by 100%.

Explore current job openings at PatientSky

Glint Solar


Glint Solar is accelerating the adoption of solar energy by building the world’s leading solar screening and analysis software. One of the main headaches for the development of large-scale solar is identifying where to build and understanding the specific site conditions. Glint is tackling this! The world needs to build more renewable energy to combat climate change. Glint Solar believes that technology is the solution. They are therefore working effortlessly on building technology for developers of solar energy parks. Glint started with the very exciting floating solar market as this is one of the fastest-growing energy sectors in the world.

Explore current job openings at Glint Solar



Speedfriending is a Norwegian startupsaiming to create social arenas where strangers meet, talk and friend zone each other. This startup wants to simplify connecting to the social grid, wherever you are. They have recently launched our Speedfriending app while organizing events all over Norway, Denmark and Australia. This is speeddating’s friendly, fun and inclusive twin sister. After organizing well over 80 physical Speedfriending-events in Norway and Denmark – creating thousands of conversations and friendships – Covid-19 interrupted them. During this time have started digitizing the concept, with a Tinder-for-friends app and a video communication platform.

Explore current job openings at Speedriending



Geniess provides software to help battery storage system developers identify the right customers, and right-size battery storage installations, and optimize the overall business case & system configuration. This means their battery storage clients such as solar plants, electric ferries, and zero-emission construction sites can make battery decisions easier, faster and more profitable. This would mean more positive investment decisions and a tangible bottom-line impact.

Explore current job openings at Geniess



Modulize is a tech startup in the construction tech space and they are focused on making offsite construction a more viable alternative for the industry. Offsite construction has numerous benefits, including reduced waste and emissions, faster construction times, and improved safety. Modulize is looking for talented individuals who share their vision and can help them achieve their mission. If you have the skills and experience they are looking for, Modulize would love to hear from you. Join their team and be part of the future of construction!

Explore current job openings at Modulize

Lifeness AS


Lifeness wants to help people live healthy lives with their digital platform that connects health professionals with the patient. With evidence-based and personalized treatment they will make an impact on the world’s third largest cause of mortality; Obesity. Lifeness is based in Norway and is thinking globally. Therefore you will find their team members in different countries around the world.

Explore current job openings at Lifeness



From weeks of back and forth to a single meeting, with all your floor plans concluded on the spot in a collaborative way. laiout automates the generation of architectural floor plans. With a team of physicists, programmers and architects they are pioneering in one of the largest yet most heavily under-digitized industries in the world, being real-estate. laiout has the backing of some of Europe’s strongest investors and is piloting with the largest real-estate players in the field. Join laiout on this incredibly exciting adventure!

Explore current job openings at laiout

Your Headway AS


Your Headway AS, is a boutique agency that erases any borders and finds new team members for top-notch tech companies. Headway was the first recruitment company that specialized in the recruitment of the best full-time remote workers around the world, who prefer to work from home. (or anywhere in the world). They help you build your remote team. Let’s disrupt the traditional office workplace. They are big fans of Match Perfect – when talents meet their dream teams. Therefore, they value a high level of transparency in communication and ensure talents get the best possible hiring experience.

Explore current job openings at Your Headway

It is truly an amazing feeling to see all of our Norwegian startups growing and shining as we are wrapped up 2022! Make sure to check out our recruitment trends for 2022, some could repeat so stay tuned because we will inform you when new trends hit! 

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