The Most Popular Danish Startups in 2022

Written by Milan Demeter

on April 3, 2023

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The Danish startup ecosystem has been thriving in recent years, and despite a challenging year of layoffs in 2022, the startups on The Hub have continued to work tirelessly and attract top talent. TheHub’s 2022 data shows that the Danish startup scene is alive and well, with a wealth of exciting new businesses emerging and making their mark.

Despite the challenges of the past year, the startups on TheHub have managed to attract some of the best talent in the industry. And with their innovative ideas and relentless drive, they are sure to continue making waves in the years to come.

So, without further ado, we present to you the top Danish startups that applicants couldn’t resist in 2022. These companies have not only captured the attention of job seekers but have also made a significant impact in their respective industries.



Firmnav is a RevAI platform enabling revenue teams to build AI models on top of their own data and activate it directly into their existing revenue tools/stack to grow revenue, efficiently. All without the need for technical expertise.

Explore the current job openings at Firmnav



Relesys is a software company supporting organizations globally in reaching, engaging, and uniting their workforce by delivering a customized Communication & Performance Platform. Relesys was founded in 2014 with the ambition to innovate the retail industry and make it possible for every non-desk worker to have easy access to information and business insight.

Explore the current job openings at Relesys



GOODIEBOX is an innovative fast-growing beauty company based in Copenhagen. GOODIEBOX is an online business whose mission is to create relationships between beauty and cosmetics brands and consumers. They give both large international brands and smaller niche brands the opportunity to market their products directly to a specific target group interested in their products.

Explore the current job openings at GOODIEBOX


Clerk.io has a dynamic environment, where everyone is working passionately for the shared success. Clerk’s employees are coming from all over the world, so you will find a very international and diverse culture. Clerk takes care of their international Clerklings as being in a new country can be difficult. It is important that Clerk build up a nice and healthy culture here. They believe in great responsibility, flexible working hours and healthy work balances, where everyone should feel welcome – they call that: the Clerk family vibe.

Explore the current job openings at Clerk.io



They claim data is the new oil – and Resights has democratized the drilling tool for the entire real estate industry. This is only due to their uncompromising approach to hiring the best people 💙. What really defines them is not their software but the +30 ambitious people behind it. Resights is a collection of nerdy team players who in less than two years have built one of the fastest-growing startups in Denmark (yes that is true). All that while they had fun – because that’s truly a part of their DNA 🧬. They might be highly ambitious but they are not jerks.

Explore the current job openings at Resights



Teamway is the first member-owned society where world-class product builders team up with progressive companies to build meaningful products and services. Teamway is on a mission to create the most empowering working conditions for talent and companies to collaborate. With the help of blockchain technology, they are decentralizing the Teamway society to redistribute value to both talents and companies.

Explore the current job openings at Teamway



Seasony enables vertical farms to be profitable, scalable, and efficient. Since the company’s start in 2018, the cornerstone of their mission has been sustainability. They realized that in order for the world to embrace sustainable food practices, they need to be made profitable. For this reason, Seasony will provide low investment and intelligent automation solutions that will enable vertical farming as an established industry and therefore revolutionize future food production into a greener, healthier, and more localized direction.

Explore the current job openings at Seasony



LifeBonder wants to make the world a better place by filling a growing need for direct socializing outside social media – connecting people in friendships that are human, profound, and meaningful. LifeBonder is a metaverse focused on building social bonds in real life, as close, interpersonal connections, or as part of a wider LifeBonder community of user-initiated groups. Their platform makes it easy for people to find genuine connections regardless of whether they’re introverts, extroverts, or anything in between.

Explore the current job openings at LifeBonder



90% of the world’s waste is collected at the wrong time. At WasteHero, they help cities and businesses reduce their CO2 emissions and collection costs by as much as 50% by monitoring the fill level in containers in real time so they can dispatch collections at just the right time. WastHero is a fast-growing and ambitious scale-up with a solution touching customers in 50+ countries and are backed by Silicon Valley investors. They are determined to be a world-leading provider of the most sustainable and cost-efficient solution for modern waste management software 🚀

Explore the current job openings at WasteHero



Monta is the operating platform powering the EV charging ecosystem serving drivers, companies, cities, and the electricity grid with one integrated software solution. We believe that accelerating and democratising the adoption of EV technology is key to building a better future Monta’s mission is to provide the best technology solutions for the entire EV charging cycle. At our core, we provide access, innovation, and reliability to the mobility transformation. We’re here to make the transition to electric mobility as seamless and exciting as possible. With a single integrated software built to EV better.

Explore the current job openings at Monta

It is truly an amazing feeling to see all of our Danish startups growing and shining as we are wrapping up 2022! Make sure to check out our recruitment trends for 2022, some could repeat and stay tuned because we will inform you when new trends hit!

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