Naer boosting productivity up to 5X with flow state

Written by Ludmila Zimermanova

on May 4, 2023

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Did you know you can increase your dopamine levels and productivity when experiencing a flow state? Flow state, also known as being “in the zone,” is a mental state of complete absorption in an activity, where one is fully focused and engaged in the task at hand. Flow state maximizes the potential for peak performance allowing you to tap into your full potential. This is why Naer believes that teams should be lifted into the flow state more often and longer. Undistracted work and complete focus lead to a remarkable increase in productivity by up to 5X, allowing achieving more in less time.

Why Is The Flow State Important?

Naer [næ:r] originates from Nær, the Norwegian word for closeness. Naer’s primary objective is to extend the duration and frequency of teams being in a state of flow. They are committed to creating an environment that encourages teams to spend more time “in the zone”. To this end, Naer has developed a VR/AR application that allows users to experience the state of flow. Thanks to Naer, teams can access a virtual environment providing space for uninterrupted work or connection and enjoyment. Being in a state of flow, you are able to achieve a high level of concentration, creativity, and problem-solving ability. Given that, you can increase your performance, satisfaction, and sense of accomplishment. In addition, the flow state also improves mental health and overall well-being. Overall, the importance of the flow state cannot be overstated. By striving to achieve this state of mind, you can unlock your full potential and experience a greater sense of satisfaction and well-being. 

Naer´s Approach to Their Own Product?

To point out, Naer takes its services seriously and strives to incorporate delight into every aspect of its product. They prioritize creating a super-simple interaction design. This is a challenge that has yet to be fully resolved in the realm of VR and AR. Naer also places a premium on high-performance features that operate smoothly, without interrupting the user’s immersion. In addition, they aim to incorporate playful and friendly visuals that transport users to a space of focused imagination, as opposed to a dull, corporate office environment.

VR as a Tool Not the Goal

It’s super important to keep in mind that VR is simply a tool to help people achieve their goals, not the end goal itself. Rather than replacing other tools, Naer believes in complementing them to create a more productive and enjoyable experience. No one wants to spend their whole day in VR, right? That’s why Naer is integrating with other useful tools like Miro and Figma, making it easy to transition in and out of the virtual world. It’s like switching between your computer and phone – convenient and seamless! Naer is all about offering a fun, collaborative space where people can get together and think better, either alone or as a team. Think of it like a virtual workshop platform that happens to be super cool and futuristic thanks to VR/AR technology!

What Is It Like To Work At Naer?

The company consists of a small team of 3 founders, with the ambition to be 10 in the near future. Even though Naer may be a small team right now, they’re totally embracing it! They’re all about doing big things with just a few awesome folks, like what Notion did for collaboration. They’re really passionate about design and putting people first, so no matter what your role is at Naer, you’ll have tons of chances to connect with customers and the community. At Naer, they truly value each and every person’s ideas and perspectives, all working towards a common goal of creating an incredible product that makes life easier and more fun for everyone involved!


Naer is based in Majorstua, at the heart of Oslo, surrounded by other awesome startups. They also call it their “startup jungle”. Although some of their team members work remotely, they keep the whole team connected through English-only company communication. Everyone on the team is passionate about Naer’s mission of improving how we work, leading to more fulfilling jobs and greater productivity. At Naer, they’re all about empowering fellow explorers who are on the hunt for better ways to work, believing that when teams are having fun and feel connected, they can achieve amazing things together!

Company Culture

First and foremost, Naer believes that there’s always room for improvement in the way we work. They know that people with diverse perspectives and backgrounds can come up with the most innovative and creative solutions. Therefore, they prioritize building a team with different perspectives and experiences. Secondly, they don’t believe in being tied down to one location. Whether you’re working from home, at a coffee shop, or even at the beach. They’re all about finding what works best for you and your lifestyle. As long as you’re bringing your A-game, they’re happy to have you on board! No matter where you are in the world.

CEO Sondre Kvam & COO Andreas Ore Larssen (Photo by Stig B. Fiksdal)

Lastly, work-life balance is essential for their team members’ happiness and success. They use VR as a tool to help people work smarter, not harder, so they can spend more time living their lives to the fullest. After all, they believe that work should enhance our lives, not take away from them!

Overall, Naer’s innovative approach to work is paving the way for a more fulfilling and productive future. Naer believes they can unlock one´s full potential, leading to increased productivity, satisfaction, and well-being. Join Naer´s team built from the ground!

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