Machine learning revolution empowered by Valohai

Written by Ludmila Zimermanova

on April 13, 2023

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From aiding in nature conservation to creating autonomous transportation, machine learning (ML) is transforming the world, led by ML pioneers across the world. Creating lasting impact using ML is incredibly hard and anyone working to do so needs access to the best possible tools and processes in order to succeed. Up until recently, machine learning has largely been carried out inefficiently, leading to suboptimal outcomes. Thankfully, Finnish scale-up Valohai has entered the scene, enabling ML Pioneers to truly thrive with its state-of-art MLOps platform. Valohai is the right way to do machine learning, empowered by a passionate team with just the right amount of quirkiness.

What Is Valohai and What Do They Do?

Valohai is a rapidly growing startup that specializes in machine learning and artificial intelligence. They are fully committed to providing cutting-edge technology solutions to businesses looking to leverage data in a meaningful way. Valohai makes it easy for ML teams to collaborate on everything from models to metrics enabling them to build faster and deliver stronger products that push the boundaries of what can be achieved with ML. With Valohai, they can run thousands of experiments at the click of a button, create models they trust, and use the tools they love to build durable products. Therefore, they have created an MLOps platform specifically for ML Pioneers, so they can achieve their goals with ease and efficiency.

Moreover, working at Valohai, you will get the opportunity to work with companies across industries, from medical imaging to biomedical engineering and geospatial intelligence to automotive. Valohai´s customers are working with game-changing projects that are yet far from the eyes of the public, redefining what is possible to achieve with machine learning. Companies like Boston Scientific, ICEYE, JFrog, Yousician, Path Robotics, Syngenta, Preligens, and many others trust Valohai.

Opportunities For Developers Within Machine Learning

Machine learning has become an essential part of our lives in today’s world. The ability to analyze large amounts of data and make predictions based on that data has revolutionized various industries. With the help of machine learning algorithms, businesses can now make more informed decisions, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

Thus, being a developer in the machine learning industry has become more critical than ever before. As businesses become more data-driven, they need experts who can develop robust algorithms and models that can process, analyze, and interpret vast amounts of information. Furthermore, as machine learning technology advances, the opportunities for developers to create innovative solutions for real-world problems continue to grow. As such, being a developer in the machine learning industry offers a wealth of opportunities for growth and career advancement.

What Is It Like To Work At Valohai?

In fact, Valohai is constantly seeking talented developers to join its team. Since 2016 they have been working with a team whose background comes from engineering and building core infrastructure. The team members come from different organisations such as Leap Motion, Unity, Quest Analytics, Uber, Microsoft, DataRobot, and AppDynamics. Valohai is committed to building a diverse and inclusive workforce that values creativity, innovation, and collaboration. The employees have a chance to be a part of a dynamic and challenging work environment, working on cutting-edge technology.

“'Tis a strange bunch, but definitely one of the nicest and most talented bunch of people around. And our product is used by top-notch customers.”
Drazen Dodik
Head of Customer Success

Not to mention, working at Valohai you will get a range of employee benefits. Anything from flexible working hours, a generous vacation policy, or the opportunity of working in a diverse team. Furthermore, the working environment is full of ambition and motivation but still fun and relaxed. While a high level of autonomy is expected, Valohai employees always support each other. Help is always available on all levels, from the developer colleague next to you to a Product Lead or even a CEO.


Ultimately, Valohai is not just any ordinary workplace. It’s a dynamic and exciting environment where you can thrive both professionally and personally. You’ll get a chance to get a competitive salary, stock option package or even have the option of working remotely. If you are interested in joining the Valohai team, visit Valohai to learn more about the open positions and apply. 

If you’re not feeling quite ready to apply for your dream job just yet, don’t worry – we’ve got your back. We’ve put together a list of 7 things you need to do before applying for your dream job. 

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