15 Best Co-working Spaces in Stockholm

Written by TheHub

on April 26, 2022

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15 Best Co-working Spaces in Stockholm

The Swedish startup ecosystem continues to thrive, which means a couple of things: First of all, entreprenör is now actually a legit Linkedin title. Second, there’s no shortage of co-working spaces available, especially in Stockholm. We are pretty confident to say that startups are some of the best places to work, just based on gaining a lot from sharing ideas with employees in different companies. Having said that, for today we have selected the 15 best co-working spaces in Stockholm, for solo entrepreneurs and startups of all sizes. 

1. A House – Brutalism, fashion, food and media

A house, in Stockholm Founded in 2015, certainly isn’t your average open-plan office with shared desks. The former architecture school was turned into a space with a strong concept centred around innovation, networking, and communication. In the A house, you’ll find like-minded entrepreneurs, sharing a love of sustainability, ethical commerce architecture and fashion. Oh, let´s not forget the fantastic food, which you’ll be able to enjoy during free Thursday breakfasts.

Things to note: Visitors are only allowed during “working hours”: Monday – Friday, 8 AM-5 PM.

  • Extra perks: Free breakfast on Thursdays, weekly yoga and meditation, event space discount and much more!
  • Best for: All kinds of creative and innovative entrepreneurs, startups, solopreneurs, and large companies. You can find a list of all A house members here.

2. Alma – For creatives, by creatives

Alma is another co-working space with a strong mindset. It aims to provide intellectual and social nourishment to its members, which is to say: a place to meet, exchange, dine and help each other. It was also named the coolest workspace in Stockholm by Vogue, so it’s not just a well-kept secret any longer. In terms of the actual premises, Alma is almost too beautiful to call an office, it´s a museum. There’s fantastic Nordic design everywhere you look, from the chairs to the tableware in the restaurant, turning the space into a giant showroom which fosters creativity, inspiration, and innovation.

  • Things to note: Alma is on the smaller side, so spaces are limited. If you want to bring your whole 10+ staff team, maybe look elsewhere. Besides, members are admitted by the committee, which gives a close-knit feeling.
  • Extra perks: Rich cultural programmes of talks, exhibits, and parties.
  • Best for: Solo entrepreneurs and small teams working in technology, design, architecture or media.

3. Goto 10 – Building the future of the Swedish Internet

Goto 10 almost feels more like a think tank than a member’s club. This is because every organization is accepted based on how much their work helps to promote positive Internet development in Sweden. This may sound niche, but you’ll find a good mix of talent, from nonprofits collaborating on promoting digital literacy to recruiting companies and privacy startups. You need to be a Goto 10 member to join the co-working programme. It’s free to join, and the office rental will be 50% financed by the Internet foundation for the first year. There are two kinds of spaces available: fixed offices (where you have your permanent desks) and activity-based spaces, which are good for casual work. 

  • Things to note: Maximum 6 seats per organization. Minimum rental is 3 months, maximum 2 years.
  • Extra perks: Tons of regular events and workshops on things like IoT and 3D printing.
  • Best for: (and valid for) Small Swedish organizations focusing on Internet tech.

4. H2 Health Hub – All about health

As the name suggests, H2 Health Hub is all about shaping the future of Nordic HealthTech. It is a place for events showcasing the latest research by prominent speakers, but also a great co-working space that will allow you to mingle, network, and access a solid network of healthcare partners. The conference rooms and offices provide all the infrastructure you’ll need, and the excellent location in Vasastan is ideal if you want quick access to some of the city’s best parks. It’s also a 3-minute walk from Odenplan station – so ideal for commuters.

  • Things to note: Every member can contact the H2 Health Hub partners, an impressive roster that includes Pfizer, Stockholm Science City, and Biogen, amongst others.
  • Extra perks: Free hot drinks & Thursday breakfast, a fully equipped kitchen, event access and much more!
  • Best for: Health-focused entrepreneurs and innovators.

5. Impact Hub Stockholm – Purpose-driven ventures

Stockholm´s Impact Hub, a space which acts as headquarters for a global movement but is also presented in 100+ locations around the world. Their offices host a large community of changemakers and social entrepreneurs dedicated to making a positive impact. With around 17,000 professionals in their global network, joining Impact Hub Stockholm does indeed open a lot of doors. Their central location behind Sveavägen 44 brings everything you need under one roof, including a wide range of membership prices that makes it super flexible for small startups who dream big and want to scale in the same space for many years. 

  • Things to note: 24/7 access starts with the 990 SEK per month tier. You can also book their event room for 1,600 SEK an hour.  
  • Extra perks: Free event access, post-delivery address, loads of discounts on a wide range of things like hotel bookings, park admission fees, legal representation, video editing services, and much more. 
  • Best for: Social-driven startups who want space and resources to scale.

6. Norrsken House – Home of 100+ socially conscious companies

Norrsken House is another co-working space in the centre of the capital with 30+ conference rooms, a media studio, a playroom for families who bring children to work, a meditation room and much more. As they state on their website: “the space where you spend most of your time needs to be functional, adaptable and beautiful”. This is exactly what their architects have managed to create – and more impressively, on a huge scale. It feels more like a Silicon Valley campus than a shared office. There are currently 117 companies using Norrsken House as their base, mostly because of the perks of social inclusion, support, finance and wellbeing. Membership isn’t exactly the cheapest, but they might subsidise some of the cost if they like what you’re doing

  • Things to note: You might have heard of Pepstop, their excellent indoor 100% vegan and gluten-free cafe (no membership discount, sadly).
  • Extra perks: gym discount, pet-friendly offices, full event access.
  • Best for: medium-sized, socially-driven startups who want to take things to the next level.

7. SUP46 – Early-stage startups only

One of the earliest co-working spaces to open its doors in Sweden, SUP46 has made its name by being the headquarters of the heavily-funded Fishbrain, amongst others. But because of SUP46’s policy, Fishbrain probably isn’t allowed to share space there anymore. Since the policy states that once companies grow to hire more than 10+ employees or go through a successful funding round, they’re asked to make space for smaller startups. This focus on the early stage is what makes the space special. SUP46 has access to dozens of high profile investors, which aligns it more with an equity-free incubator dedicated to acquiring your first round of funding. Be aware that it won’t be easy to become a member though. Startups are cherry-picked, and only 15% of the application makes the cut 

  • Things to note: In May 2019, SUP46 moved their location to Regeringsgatan 29 in collaboration with WeWork – right next to Spotify.
  • Extra perks: It’s all about being in excellent company. Your access allows you to use hubs, PR and marketing support, investor matchmaking, and much more.
  • Best for: Early-stage startups looking to acquire funding.

8. The Park – Growing and helping you grow

Based in three strong locations across Stockholm (the latest in Soldermam in March 2019), The Park covers around 3800 square meters, which includes 25 conference and meeting rooms for up to 70 people, fully-equipped premises, and hired “Mood managers” to help you get the most of your workday in the nicest atmosphere possible. In terms of work colleagues, you’ll be in good company too – working with a lot of different-minded startups and entrepreneurs. 

  • Things to note: There are often limited offers available. 
  • Extra perks: Gym access (certain locations only), Friday breakfast buffet, postal service, printouts and much more. 
  • Best for: Growing startups who want a room to develop at a prestigious location.

9. Epicenter – the digital innovation house

Epicenter is indeed located right in the centre of Stockholm and is currently the headquarters for 300+ companies of all sizes. Their goal? To supercharge innovation and knowledge through shared spaces all over Northern Europe – as of now they have spaces in Oslo, Amsterdam and Helsinki. There’s a corporate feel to Epicenter’s premises, but with a strong focus on functionality and luxury. Their membership offers are flexible and scalable, which means you can set up shop there whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or a company with 500+ employees looking for another base in the Nordics. All of the plans let you attend the great events, and there’s even a Housing option to relocate your team to Stockholm.

  • Things to note: Memberships are for 3 months minimum
  • Extra perks: Free hot drinks, postal service, budget for printouts, discounts on gyms, restaurants, and a lot more.
  • Best for: Everyone who wants to work in a shared space.

10. Embassy House – For tech ambassadors

Now let´s get into Embassy House: their online marketing material is excellent. The name, slogan, logo and company website are all finely tuned to give away their mission, goal and values. Embassy House has shown real dedication to fostering innovation, and its first location was the first hub in Sweden to combine Fintech, Regtech, Insuretech and Blockchain. In terms of facilities, you have two locations to choose from in Östermalm and Södermalm. The first one has 50 offices from 6-200 square meters, and the second has 80 offices from 8 – 300 square meters – all fully fitted for your startup needs.

  • Things to note: Embassy are also one of the biggest art galleries in Sweden with ongoing art exhibitions all year round – may be a plus if you’re doing art meets tech stuff.
  • Extra perks: Open 24/7, meeting rooms, mail services, table tennis, printers and scanners with hot drinks! 
  • Best for: Small, to mid-size startups focussed on digital and new technology.

11. OpenLab – Small, perfectly formed co-working

Right behind the Stockholm Östra station, you can find  OpenLab. A small co-working space which includes a shared kitchen, focus room and maker space – ideal for startups with a DIY attitude. There isn’t a specific focus here, but you’ll find that the spirit is generally centred around diversity, sustainability and community. In their own words, what makes OpenLab different is their partner relationships. If you think your company can benefit from collaboration with The City of Stockholm, the Stockholm County Council, the Stockholm County Administrative Board, KTH, Stockholm University, Södertörn University or the Karolinska Institute, this is an excellent place to join

  • Things to note: You can become a “community friend” for free. This lets you attend the events and get a discount on events.
  • Extra perks: Event invites, discounts on OpenLab education and an option to host events.
  • Best for: Small, sustainability-focused companies in the education / social sphere.

12. The Castle – Cozy and Inclusive

The Castle, as the name implies, is a 1500 square meter palace located in Gamla Stan, known for its stunning interiors and high ceilings. The co-working space is home to over 40 companies working in many fields, from landscape photography to designing travel accessories. What sets The Castle apart is its dedication to building a like-minded, yet diverse culture and community. No matter if you are new to town or a true Stockholmer, happy or sad, this is the place where you will be always encountered with a warm cup of tea.

  • Things to note: “Både Och” culture; both one and the other side of things should be warmly welcomed.
  • Extra perks: Located in Gamla Stan, gym with sauna, sqm art studio, toga room, frequent activities including code workshops and lectures, beautiful meeting rooms and event spaces available. 
  • Best for: Startup teams and solopreneurs looking for an inclusive and inspirational culture.

13. No 18 – the professional members club

If you are looking for a touch of elegance and wellness to your hectic schedules, head to No 18 office and co-working spaces in the heart of Stureholm and just above Central Station. In no 18, members can enjoy a variety of wellness services including a bistro, a juice bar and a free gym.

  • Things to note: Probably the most elegant co-working space on the market. Members receive complimentary breakfast every Monday. 
  • Extra perks: Gym, cafe, lounges, conference and meeting rooms, catering services, community events. 
  • Best for: Startups and entrepreneurs that value a classy, professional environment.

14. Knackeriet – Work is fun

If you are looking to set up shop somewhere that truly feels like home, Knackeriet is the place to go. Here you can start your day with a friendly ping pong match with the startup team next door.  And prepare your budget sheets under the Magnolia trees in the garden. For history enthusiasts, this co-working space also offers an additional layer of interest: The actual building in Gamla Stan is a national heritage of the highest classification in Sweden, with its’ oldest parts dating back to 1420.

  • Things to note:  Unique fun activities, from ski trips to crayfish parties. You do not get a daily pass, since they prefer people to stay at least a few months or longer.
  • Extra perks: Private garden, community events, open 24/7, 
  • Best for: Solopreneurs and startup teams that strive for work/fun balance.

15. Workaround  – Office matchmaking 

Workaround is our last but not least co-working space, it is not only located in Stockholm but also in Göteborg and Malmö. It consists of people who are curious and inspired by developing digital services for office matchmaking. As they say “no office should sit empty” which is also their vision. That´s also the reason they are constantly looking for talent within tech and product development. 

  • Things to note: More than 1.500 offices across the whole of Sweden. 
  • Extra perks: They will only charge a fee once you get results
  • Best for: Tech-product development startups. 

We’ve only picked 15 co-working spaces, but there are dozens more to choose from in Stockholm. Honourable mentions go to especially the music-focused STHLM Music City, the excellent Changer’s Hub and Helio, present in 8 locations. And at least these 20 co-working spaces are also worth checking out: 

Convendum, GoToWork, United Spaces, Things, Block Stockholm, Kontorshotell i Stockholm, Da Appy Place, Pepstop, Kolonien, KG10, iOFFICE, Ekskäret Klustret, UMA Workspaces, City Office, Nybrogatan Business Center, Skärholmen Kontorshotell, Selected Office, Quick Office

There truly is something for startups of every size available in the Swedish capital. And the good news? While you’re probably only looking for one place to make your headquarters, there are dozens of co-working spaces actively offering events, chats and meets. If you truly believe in collaboration and the exchange of ideas, Stockholm is the right place for you. 


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